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Bills Grab Undrafted Free Agents

Though none of this has become official yet, is reporting that the Buffalo Bills have signed eight undrafted free agents; after ignoring the CB position in the draft, the Bills nabbed two of note. The entire list with a little analysis of each player is below.

WR Jemalle Cornelius, Florida
- This guy by far has the best chance at making the roster. He's a high-character guy with good intangibles and he's smart. He runs good routes and is a pretty nifty open-field runner. He played in a deep WR corps at Florida, which hurt his stats. Could be a gem, but he could also be a bit overrated.

DT LaRon Harris, NW Oklahoma St.
- This is a guy who started his college career at Tennessee, flunked out and wound up at NW Okla St. He's a huge man (weighing in at around 350 pounds) and has a lot of untapped potential. If our coaching staff can get his head on straight and get him competing, there's no reason he can't be a project player we stash on the practice squad. Despite his size, he's athletic enough for our system.

DT Corey Mace, Wyoming
- Undersized tackle (6'3", 285) who is being looked at as another undersized UT in the Cover-2 system. Teammate of John Wendling's in college. From what I've read he's a solid all-around guy, but I don't see him making the team or the practice squad. Harris stands a better chance.

LB Thaddaeus Washington, Colorado
- Very productive guy in college who just doesn't seem athletic enough to develop into much more than a special teamer at this level. He does have special teams potential, but his lack of coverage skills likely means he won't see the field much if he gets a crack at the roster.

CB Duane Coleman, Clemson
- Character is a big concern with this guy, but the "character-first" mentality does not seem as big a concern as it has been in years past. Coleman is a converted RB who hasn't played defense for very long. Needless to say, he's a project; his athleticism makes him an interesting prospect, however.

CB Reggie Lewis, Florida
- I like this kid. He also began his career as a RB, but he has a better build for the Cover-2 scheme. He timed slow, but speed isn't everything in this system. He's a good athlete - I can envision this kid making the practice squad, especially if Eric Bassey makes the team.

SS Stacey Thomas, Texas Southern
- Another safety with size; apparently that's a prerequisite for being signed with the tiny Jim Leonhard our only experienced reserve. He's competing at the same position as Wendling so it's unlikely he'll make the roster, but I like his potential as a special teams guy. He's a good athlete.

K/P Chris Jackson, LSU
- Very interesting guy. Was an infielder on the LSU baseball team and handled both kicking and punting duties for the football team. Needless to say, with Rian Lindell and Pro Bowler Brian Moorman on board, Jackson has no shot at a roster spot.


I'll keep my eyes peeled for more UDFA signings; if any of my esteemed readers hear anything, you're welcome to break the news yourselves in the Diary section. (You'll get a shout-out, don't worry :) ). Anyone have anything to say about these eight prospects?