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A Few Tidbits

First thing's first - in case you missed it last night, the SB Nation Sports Report was a huge success! Everyone involved, including hosts TheSportsGuru and BigBlueShoe and Gonzo of the Daily Norseman did a fantastic job. Looking forward to hearing more of these outstanding podcasts!

Much of what was covered last night dealt with the final of the NCAA Tournament, our very own Mock Draft and the Minnesota Vikings and Twins. The topics covered were well done and highly interesting. Be sure to check it out!

I'd also like to thank the 2 hosts for making mention of Buffalo Rumblings! As the "new kid on the block" (excuse the crappy early-90s boy band reference), it was nice to see some more experienced bloggers plug the new kid. Thanks again!

Our pick was the first mentioned under the "good pick" category! BBS gave us just short of rave reviews on our selection of MLB Patrick Willis in the SB Nation Mock Draft, saying:

Some picks that I liked - Buffalo getting Patrick Willis at Number 10, an interesting pick and a good pick by our new Buffalo blogger...

Brady Quinn, Leon Hall, and Paul Posluszny were also cited as good first-round picks by BigBlueShoe.

If you missed the broadcast last night, be sure to head over to the site (linked in the right sidebar) and listen to this great show! (Note: Hit F5 to hear the rebroadcast.)

Write Your Own Diaries!

I'd like to welcome two new Diary writers to the site - Dock Ellis and MARVelous! These two intelligent people are sure to be regulars in the diary section, and much of what they have to say is both intriguing and intelligently presented. Be sure to head over to the diary section (located beneath the poll) to read their stuff.

You, too, can write diaries - anyone registered on the site can write. If you'd like to get your voice heard, sign up and Diary it up!