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An Interview with merana's Deep Thoughts

Bills rookie QB Trent Edwards

As a continuation of a series of interviews I have set up with some of the web's best college football bloggers, today I present you an interview on Bills rookie QB Trent Edwards. As a blogger with The Sporting News and a Pac-10 football fan, Michael from merana's Deep Thoughts blog has seen a lot of Edwards over the years. He was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about Edwards; the interview is below:

Buffalo Rumblings: Injuries have plagued Edwards throughout his career. How much of that had to do with Edwards' supporting cast? Do you think he can hold up at the next level?

merana's Deep Thoughts: His biggest problem was injuries throughout his whole career. Stanford football is to the West Coast what Duke football is to Tobacco Road. He scrambled way too much behind a porous offensive line. Their running game is non-existent. He was sacked 84 times in 31 starts in his career. But he is big and can take a hit. If given the right coaching, I can see him developing into a good threat.

BR: What type of system did Edwards operate in his time at Stanford?

merana's Deep Thoughts: They relied heavily on a pro-set West Coast offense. Lots of passes to backs in the flats, jet passes to tight ends on the release and crossing routes. Much akin to the Jerry Rice patterns of yesteryear where you hit him at full stride 5 yards for the positive and let the backs make the gains. Edwards also over time developed what I like to call the Rich Gannon release, being able to release the ball from any position (sidearm, overhand, low) to get the ball to his receivers.

BR: We currently are committed to J.P. Losman as this franchise's QB of the Future. How do you think Edwards compares to Losman and how do they differ?

merana's Deep Thoughts: He's got great physical attributes - can throw out of the pocket, though I think his biggest hindrance is he has happy feet sometimes. He doesn't set as well as he should. He and Losman have similar physical attributes. Edwards is not a scrambler by any stretch of the imagination. He's kind of gangly, and he can have a propensity to lose the ball when getting hit. But he is big and can take a hit.


Thanks again to Michael for spending a little time visiting Edwards, even if he'd rather watch Stanford basketball than Stanford football. I'll keep plugging away at these interviews - still digging for contacts on Dwayne Wright, John Wendling, and Derek Schouman. Stay tuned!