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Bills Retain Modrak, Announce Mini-camp Dates

What? What's that? Real, actual football???

Yes indeed, Bills fans - in just 11 short days, the Buffalo Bills will be holding their first minicamps of the 2007-08 season. Rookie minicamps will run May 12-14, with another veteran minicamp running from June 11-13. As usual, training camp starts in mid-July, though no dates have yet been scheduled for that. Keep it tuned in to Buffalo Rumblings next weekend for as much detail about the minicamps as I can possibly convey.

In other (more important) news, the Bills have retained Assistant GM/Head of Scouting Tom Modrak. Seeing as Modrak was brought in during the infamously devastating Tom Donahoe Era, Modrak hasn't always had the best reputation in these parts. Rest assured that this is fantastic news - never before has our scouting department been so in tune with our organization's GM and coaching staff. Based on Modrak's results of finding talented gems (Angelo Crowell, Terrence McGee and the undrafted Jason Peters are three prominent examples off the top of my head), it's undeniable that Modrak is a gifted personnel man. With Levy working his "consensus" magic, we should all be thankful that Modrak is staying on board - we're going to continue to keep bringing in talent via the draft for at least another year.

In case anyone is interested, I recently was interviewed by Hogs Haven, SBN's Washington Redskins blog, about Modrak when his name was mentioned as a possible GM replacement for that franchise. If you'd like to read that interview, head on over to this page.

Thoughts on the retention of Modrak?