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Let's Talk Buffalo... Sabres? Absolutely!

Perhaps some of you have noticed, but this past weekend I made some tweaks to the layout of this site. If you move your eyes about an inch above this text, you'll notice that the top bar now has links to every section that stories on this site post to. Hopefully, this will keep things a bit more organized and allow you to read Rumblings' latest stories on the subject of your choice.

With that said, I urge all of you to click on the "Other Sports" link tonight! There you will read a preview of tonight's Sabres/Senators playoff tilt, presented to you by a good friend of mine - Pat Green of has graciously provided part of his series preview for your reading pleasure in preparation for this game. Be sure to check out and Pat's blog specifically as the playoffs continue to roll along.

As a Buffalo Bills blogger, I tend to get too focused on my team of interest; I have neglected to mention the post-season success of the Sabres at all thus far. Their play has been so stellar that they are turning the Bills into "Buffalo's other pro sports team"; that's fine by me as long as they bring a pro sports championship to the great city of Buffalo! I am a Bills fan first, but I have a deep passion for the city of Buffalo and all Buffalo sports, and to see the Sabres be so successful the past few seasons has been a thrill!

I'm not sure how many of you are Sabres fans, but I'd love to see those supporters sound off in the comments section. I myself will be parking myself in front of the TV at 7:00 PM this evening with an ice cold Yuengling lager (or several) to watch the start of what is sure to be a heck of an Eastern Conference Finals. If anyone is interested in chatting during the game, use Pat's preview available here as an open thread to discuss the game as it unfolds. I hope to see some of you commenting there during the game! GO SABRES!