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Rookie Mini-Camp Opens with Roster Moves

Buffalo opens its first rookie mini-camp today! Since has essentially exclusive coverage to this event, I'll be checking into that site from time to time for any news and notes coming out of the practice sessions.  The mini-camp runs from today (5/12) through Monday (5/14).  I hope to have a few pictures of our rookies in uniform up later today, provided of course has something similar.

CB is reporting that the Bills have made a couple of roster moves prior to the start of today's practices.  The team released DT LaRon Harris, an UDFA who many believed would challenge Tim Anderson (along with Manny Wright) for the #5 DT spot in camp.  Those dreams have obviously come to an end; Jason Jefferson remains Anderson's main competition.  Using Harris' roster spot, the Bills then signed Wake Forest CB Riley Swanson, an experienced player from a solid college football conference.  Swanson did not become a full-time starter until his senior season, but after redshirting his freshman year he was a mainstay on the defense, appearing in dime and nickel packages.  He was also a stellar special teams performer.

The team will be working with 40+ players this weekend, including all of their draft picks, undrafted free agents and street free agents who are being afforded a tryout for the roster.  Those 15 street free agents are:

QB Perry Patterson (Syracuse); WR Joe Konrad (John Carroll); TE Tommy Christy (Ohio); C Kyle Young (Fresno State); DE Jeremy Pittman (C. Arkansas); DT Chris Hudler (Texas Tech); DT Kenyon Scott (Texas Tech); LB Larry Edwards (UNC); LB John Mohring (GA Southern); LB Mario Reese (Minnesota); CB Greg Lovely (SW MO State); S Jon Corto (Sacred Heart); S J.D. Nelson (Oregon); LS Aaron King (UTEP); K Reagan Schneider (UTEP).

Stay tuned to Buffalo Rumblings - I'll have a full Day One update later on this evening.  Go Bills!