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Mini-Camp Tidbits: Camp Wrap-Up

Bills rookie LB Paul Posluszny

The Buffalo Bills wrapped up their first rookie mini-camp today, and as usual CB has posted some great notes from Day 3's practices. According to his report, rookie running backs Marshawn Lynch and Dwayne Wright both missed the afternoon workout today due to graduation constraints at California and Fresno State, respectively. That turned the afternoon workout into more of a passing camp, with the lone running back (practice squadder Fred Jackson) working with the wide receivers. Some of the more interesting notes from the final day of practices:

Quarterback Trent Edwards again had an accurate passing day. He's really effective at hitting his targets.

"He does a nice job," said offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild. "He's a smart guy and looks very accurate. It's still very early and we want to see what he can do when the pads are on, but early indications are he is what we thought he was."

I'm really enjoying the sounds of Edwards' work. He sounds like a smart, level-headed kid who knows that he's buried on the depth chart and is going to work his butt off anyways. I particularly like the word "accuracy" - sure, there's no pads or defenders in this setting, but he still sounds like a solid investment for this team. Especially as a backup quarterback.

Linebacker Paul Posluszny and strong safety John Wendling already seem to be establishing an on field rapport with one another. Both have been part of the same defensive unit in the 7-on-7 situations.

This is exactly why GM Marv Levy likes to draft smart, heady players - they pick things up quickly and they have a much easier go of it when the rest of their teammates are just as smart. Posluszny and Wendling are cut from the same mold - they're hard workers, great athletes and hard-nosed leaders. It's no wonder that they're working well together already; I expect both to be stalwarts for this team (defensively and on special teams) in the not too distant future.

Undrafted rookie free agent receiver Jemalle Cornelius had a nice weekend, arguably the best among the free agent rookies. He dropped his first two passes the entire weekend this afternoon during the individual period, but made up for it in the 7-on-7 team work with a couple of nice receptions. One came on a slant that was zipped into a tight space by Trent Edwards. The other was on a dig. Cornelius appears to be the most polished of the receivers in this camp.

I mentioned this in my Day One tidbits, and I think it merits mentioning again: I really like Cornelius' chances of making this roster. I just have a sneaking suspicion that an undrafted free agent will make the roster at both the receiver and cornerback positions; at this point, Florida teammates Cornelius and CB Reggie Lewis are the favorites. The fact that Cornelius stood out head-and-shoulders above the rest of the receivers at this camp speaks volumes about his ability; he seems like a smooth athlete who would produce given an opportunity to contribute to this team. I'm anxious to watch this kid in training camp and throughout the pre-season.

With the rookie camp over, the next organized team activity is scheduled to take place in early June with the second mini-camp of the off-season. Don't worry - for that run-through, we'll see some veterans. If you have any thoughts on the coverage and results of the rookie mini-camp, you're welcome to leave them in the comments section.