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Bills Sign WR Morgan; Day 2 OTA Notes

The Bills continue to bring in new talent, agreeing today with WR Donovan Morgan. Morgan last appeared in an NFL regular season game in 2005 with the Houston Texans; he spent last season on Kansas City's practice squad. He's got good size and has punt return ability but will ultimately find it difficult to make a roster that returns 6 receivers that ended last season on the active roster.

In more important news, CB has posted his notes from Day 2 of the Bills' OTAs. And, as usual, here are my thoughts on the highlights from today's notes:

Bills veteran running back Anthony Thomas was on the field for his first practice session after missing Monday's activities. Thomas ran first in the running back rotation and was followed by Shaud Williams with the first unit. Marshawn Lynch and Dwayne Wright saw more reps with the second unit. Fred Jackson didn't see a ton of action.

Good to see the A-Train is in town after missing day one. Don't be misled by his running with the first team - this is Lynch's workload to run with. I still maintain that Thomas will be used heavily for about the first half of the season, with Dwayne Wright stealing touches and time from him as the season wears on. A-Train will still be valuable to this team from a leadership standpoint, as well as doing the "little things", such as blitz pickup. He's a veteran that this team needs, but the writing is on the wall for his Bills career.

In 11-on-11 team work the offense jumped into their no huddle right away with the first unit. J.P. Losman hit three of his first four passes in the series. The second team went with more of a ground attack with Shaud Williams and Dwayne Wright combining for three carries. Kevin Everett also had a grab over the middle.

It's only been two days of non-padded practices, but Kevin Everett's name has come up a lot. CB reported yesterday that the team has been lining Everett up in the slot receiver position, likely to maximize his receiving skills while masking his marginal blocking skills. I think that Everett can excel in this role, and it looks like he's been motivated a bit by the presence of guys like Brad Cieslak and Derek Schouman. If Everett continues to sound this good, don't be surprised to see him get a few more looks from Losman this season. I think he's got a skill set that the team needs to utilize.

Marshawn Lynch made a couple of nice receptions and quickly turned upfield. There is a suddenness to his running style that makes him quicker than he might appear. Dwayne Wright is also more fluid than you'd expect for a so-called power back. He too has a smooth, fluid motion to his running style. They each make catching the ball look effortless.

Oh, man, don't get me started on this duo. I've maintained for a long time that the best NFL teams require two or three good backs, and boy howdy do I like how the skill sets of Lynch and Wright match up with each other. I view both of these guys as unselfish and team-oriented, and if the coaching staff can get them working together and feeding off each other's energy, we have created a fantastic situation in our backfield. Literally, every day I get a bit more ecstatic about the potential of our rookie RB duo.

John DiGiorgio was again in the right place at the right time Tuesday. Terrence McGee broke up a pass and then it was tipped high in the air by Donte Whitner who didn't have enough time to react to the initial deflection. DiGiorgio was next on the scene and pulled in his third interception in three days.

"I'm just running hard to the ball," said DiGiorgio.

I mentioned earlier this morning that I loved DiGiorgio as a player and his potential in this defense. He continues to impress, and I really think that this former undrafted free agent has a future with this team. I'd love to see the coaching staff move him around a bit; it seems like he's getting all of his reps at inside linebacker, but he looks to have the speed/build combo to play the weak side as well. I'd love to see how he'd match up against the likes of Keith Ellison and Coy Wire for the starting weak side gig.

Anyone have any thoughts on the OTA practices that they'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you!