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OTA Notes - Day 3

CB has posted his Day 3 notes from Buffalo's OTAs, and as usual, here are the highlights:

Cornerback Jason Webster got some reps in team work Wednesday after participating only in individual drills Tuesday. He got most of his work with the second team defense at right cornerback as he worked in a three man rotation during the practice session with Jabari Greer and Ashton Youboty.

Sounds like our coaching staff is pretty high on Webster's potential in this defense, especially since he's been on the job for a total of two days and has elevated to second team duty. It sounds like he's going to be entered into the competition for the vacant RCB job; I still maintain that the job will belong to Kiwaukee Thomas on opening day, with Youboty and Webster holding off Jabari Greer for nickel and dime duty. I am liking this signing more and more - we now have great depth at corner, something we sorely needed after the Clements departure.

Once again the first series of 11-on-11 team work was all no huddle with J.P. Losman at the controls throughout. Losman appeared to have more freedom audibilizing plays at the line in this no huddle series and on the second play changed the call twice before the snap. Even though he couldn't see the play clock (it was behind him in the opposite end zone) he got the snap off with one second to spare and ran a run play to Anthony Thomas.

"I'm getting more audibles in there in the run game and the pass game," said Losman. "I think (Coach Fairchild) is getting more comfortable with the offensive line and the receivers. Guys like Lee and Josh Reed and Roscoe know when they're hot and I'm recognizing it and hitting it more. Those are all things that are making him comfortable in giving us more freedom in the offense."

I could get used to the sounds of that. I've always thought that Losman was at his best running out of the no-huddle (see the end of the Texans and Jaguars games last season as prime examples), and it's good to see the coaching staff finally recognizing his potential in this department. I expect to see a lot of no-huddle used this season to keep teams off-balance during games; it certainly won't be our main offensive scheme, but I think we'll see it at least once or twice every game.

Roscoe Parrish made a few nice catches, one in particular was made against a zone coverage where he found a soft spot and Losman delivered a strike to him. He also beat his coverage deep as he got inside on Thomas, but the pass was underthrown as it fell incomplete.

Parrish is the guy I see being our most explosive weapon in a no-huddle situation. Yes, that's right - even more explosive than Lee Evans. Very few players in the NFL are blessed with Roscoe's quicks and speed, and if we can get defenses on their heels, Parrish has the ability to take any underneath route to the house. I expect him to make a serious push for our #2 receiver position, and I definitely think he'll be a major force in this offense. He is brutal in open space, and I think the coaching staff is going to play to his talents even more as he enters his third season in the league.