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More Bills News and Notes

I try my hardest to keep this site as up-to-date in terms of team news as possible; alas, I am but one man, and some things slip through the cracks (by choice or not). So, in what is one of the slowest days ever in terms of NFL news, here are four items that most of you have probably heard but haven't seen covered here:

WR George Wilson, who spent the majority of last season on the team's practice squad, is being tried at safety during the team's OTA sessions. In my opinion, this is a great idea - Wilson's got a great work ethic and a lot of his teammates love him, but we were deep at WR the past few seasons, leaving Wilson off the field a lot. The only confusing thing to me is the fact that he's being tried out at strong safety - it seems to me his ball skills, range and length would make him an ideal fit at free safety. At any rate, I hope Wilson succeeds at his new position.

FOX Sports has released its pre-season fantasy RB rankings, and our very own Marshawn Lynch is ranked the #21 fantasy back in the entire league. That's high praise for a rookie who hasn't proven much, eh? Honestly, I'm hoping to land Lynch in a draft or two this summer - he'd look real good in a flex position on my team. I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it - being a homer doesn't pay off in fantasy leagues. The only Bill I've ever had on a fantasy team is Peerless Price, in his first stint with the team. I'm a seven-time fantasy football champion (it's one of the few things in life I'm good at, so please excuse the horn-tooting), so I don't take this stuff lightly. Lynch could put up seriously good numbers right out of the gate.

Undrafted rookie free agent safety Jon Corto is receiving a lot of press. The local product (he went to Orchard Park high, mere minutes from Ralph Wilson Stadium) was given a contract after impressing the coaching staff on a tryout basis during the team's recent rookie mini-camp. OK, I'll be the mean guy, but it's not even close to likely that Corto will end up on the final roster or the practice squad. You do have to love the story though - as Anthony Biali points out, it has an "Invincible" feel to it. I'm pulling for the kid, but I'm not holding out much hope, either.

Former Bills scout Marc Ross has joined the New York Giants as the team's Director of College Scouting. Ross had been an integral part of the Bills' scouting services for the past three seasons and has spent 11 years as a scout in the NFL. Ross also was the Director of College Scouting in Philadelphia prior to his stint in Buffalo; he took that job when he was just 27. Ross is young, very bright and should do a great job in New York.