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Losman, Posluszny making Internet Headlines

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Once again, the goings are slow at One Bills Drive. OTAs are in full gear, but besides that not much is happening. So this morning I present you a couple of the better Bills-related articles circulating the Internet right now, dealing with two young studs on our team - J.P. Losman and Paul Posluszny.

RealFootball365 wrote a nice article on Poz. Written by Anthony Biali, the article claims that Poz is much more than just his numbers at Penn State - and that is absolutely 100% true...

Posluszny's stats with the Nittany Lions frankly don't do him justice, and he's one of those guys who is best served by video: Watch stock clips of him on the news or search his name on Internet video sites, and you'll see a player equipped with an innate magnet for the ball, quicker than an angry ninja and more powerful than Ginger Altoids. In every clip, he searches out the play, diagnoses it in a sliver of a second, and pursues and then brings down his opponent abruptly. Posluszny just has that instinctive appetite for football success that can't be measured at the combine. He can badmouth his own play as much as he wants, as he did when discussing why he dropped out of the first round, but the will of a football player is overwhelmingly obviously in Posluszny.

Yeah, that's Poz in a nutshell. He had the misfortune of carrying ginormous expectations coming out of college (and even during college for that matter), and I think a lot of scouts didn't think the player lived up to the legend. Trust me when I say Posluszny was and is the most NFL-ready linebacker in the draft, and he'll start from the get-go. I'm really excited to see this kid grow into a leader on this defense.

As for Poz knocking his own play, CB posted that quote in his blog the other day. I love the humility of Poz in knowing that he's got the pedigree and the skills, but he's not there yet:

"When I watch film of how I played last year, it disgusts me. It's awful. I know how much better I can play, and I know I'm going to play so much better in the NFL. I can make more plays. I can be stronger. I can tackle better. I'll show people I'm a much better player next year."

--Paul Posluszny on his senior year performance

The other article I'd like to speak about today comes out of the Buffalo News and discusses a topic that is currently sending shock waves through Bills Nation - our new offense. I love listening to J.P. Losman speak...

The Bills were installing a new, unfamiliar offense during last May's organized team activity workouts. This year they know the offense, and they are building on it.

"We're light years ahead of where we were last year at this time," said quarterback J.P. Losman. "The confidence is there. We obviously feel more comfortable."

I would certainly hope so, Jonathan Paul. I've spoken about the potential of this offense over the past few days, and the interview Losman conducted last night about the new offense has gotten traditional media aware of the improvements as well.

As for the no-huddle mode, Fairchild says it's more of an option this year because of Losman's familiarity with the scheme. Losman was running it again in Wednesday's workouts.

"It'll be part of our offense," Fairchild said. "Now how big a part will remain to be seen. We'll see how it goes."

I expect it to work. The receivers that Losman will be throwing to are a year into the system as well, and they haven't changed (except for those new receivers out of the backfield). The O-Line is looking more and more like it's going to gel quickly. Losman is more comfortable in the shotgun, where he has proven to be more of a playmaker. I expect the Bills to use the no-huddle (as I said yesterday) to keep defenses off-balance and make some big plays. Get used to it, Bills fans - for the first time since Drew Bledsoe's first year in Buffalo, this team is going to be carried by our young offense.