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Daily Bills News and Notes

Here's what's making headlines in Bills Nation this slow Friday morning (slow for me, at least):

RealFootball365 chimes in on Marshawn Lynch, who has been a hot topic since being drafted about a month ago. I love Connor Byrne's writing, which is especially true today because he compares Lynch to Indy's Joseph Addai. If we can get similar production out of Lynch, as well as get similar production from Anthony Thomas/Dwayne Wright that Dominic Rhodes provided for the Colts last season, we'll be in great shape. Be sure to check out why Byrne doesn't feel Lynch should be considered a lock for Offensive ROY.

The Buffalo News has a nice article on Josh Scobey, a free agent RB the Bills added for his special teams prowess.

"I'm no dummy, by any means," Scobey said after the Buffalo Bills practiced Thursday. "I know how I've lasted in this league going on six years. Buffalo offered an opportunity to join a great special-teams unit. I saw that off the bat. I knew how important special teams are around here, and that's something I wanted to be a part of."

Good to hear it, Josh, because you don't have a prayer of seeing time in our offensive backfield. I do think there's a chance that Scobey makes the final roster as a special teams ace, but he'll have something to prove over guys from last year's team, namely Shaud Williams and Fred Jackson. I'm pulling for Scobey - I think he offers more to the team as a whole than any other RB (behind our top three, obviously), and I hope he can crack this roster.

Two of the Bills' regular season games are essentially sold out, according to a Buffalo News report. The home opener against Denver, as well as the MNF tilt against Dallas, have very few (if any) seats remaining. Tilts against Baltimore, New England and the Jets are expected to sell out prior to the release of individual game seats for sale, which is set for July 14. This great news comes to us despite the team hiking up ticket prices this past off-season. The likely causes of the higher interest this season are the exciting draft we had combined with the fantastic schedule we have this season. Be sure to check out the article for even more interesting statistics.

Bob DiCesare doesn't get it. His most recent observations over at the Buffalo News focus on, of course, our free agent defections - specifically Nate Clements.

"We like the guys that we have," defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said this week. "Of course, it was more comforting to have a Nate Clements. Those guys are few and far between in the league. But Ashton Youboty and Terrence McGee and some of the young guys are working very hard and we're going to see what they have to bring to the table."

A lack of size and physicality could become a problem at the corners. The New England Patriots reloaded at receiver, bringing in the 6-foot-4 Randy Moss, 6-3 Kelley Washington and 6-0 Donte Stallworth, among others. There's not a tight end on their roster under 6-6.

I've been metaphorically banging my head against a brick wall about this for a while now, and still the "experts" aren't picking it up - Cover 2 defenses don't need great corners. We'll be fine at corner as long as our revamped front seven can get pressure on the quarterback more consistently, and we are disciplined and stay in position. The concerns about New England are a farce - if Laurence Maroney is as injured as I think he is, Tom Brady will have no running game to speak of. That will make the overrated Pats receivers easier to defend.

No more Nate Clements talk, please.