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Schefter: Walker not a Bill Yet

Bills DT Darwin Walker... maybe

Adam Schefter just ruined my Saturday morning. A report breaking last night from the head cheese at NFL Network indicates that Darwin Walker may never don a Bills uniform. We all know that the dude is holding out - that story broke about two weeks back. Now, Schefter reports that if Walker does not report to Bills training camp by August 5, the rights to his contract go back to Philadelphia and Walker never lines up in our defensive line rotation.

The original deal struck between the Bills and Eagles sent LB Takeo Spikes and QB Kelly Holcomb to Philly for Walker and a 2008 7th-round draft choice. If Walker doesn't report and heads back to the Eagles, the Bills would then in turn receive the Eagles' 6th-round draft choice next season. The Bills protected themselves with this contingency in the deal, but it seems obvious that their preference was to get Walker into camp to help shore up the D-Line. The chances of that happening seem slim.

I've got to say it - the once promising Bills' D-Line rotation is looking thinner and thinner by the day. Even if Aaron Schobel isn't holding out, he could be if he wanted to be. John McCargo is still hurt. That essentially leaves us with the same guys who were 28th against the run last season. I guess now we know why the club was interested in Sam Rayburn.

I would love to see Darwin Walker suck it up, take his $1.3 million and report to camp. I'm also a realist and know that the odds of this happening are about the same as the odds that Langston Walker drives by an Old Country Buffet without stopping in for a snack. I think the backup plan I'd prefer would be to take the Eagles' sixth, sign Rayburn and keep 5 DTs due to McCargo's health concerns. Yes, that might mean Tim Anderson would be a Bill again, but as a #5 DT I wouldn't mind as much.

Let's talk about this. What are your thoughts on this new development in the Darwin Walker fiasco?