The Magic Number

I can see this, a player wakes up on his 30th birthday, his knees creek and his back pops and he gets out of bed. Looks into the mirror and sees a wrinkled face and gray hair.

Or, at least thats what the fans say, and that is the biggest knock on Buffalo's #2 guy, the 8th All-Time leading WR with the second longest catch-streak in Bills' History, Peerless Price.

So do you ignore the fact that he was the 2nd leader in catches and had the statistically best hands on the team (caught over 70% of his passes) and always came through in the clutch (2 last-minute TD catches)while focusing in on his 8.6(ish) YPC.

Do you just listen to all the people saying he is too slow and too weak to be an NFL #2 WR, or do you think logically and feel that maybe he was the  check down possession receiver last year?

I know what I Billeve.

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