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Schobel Reports to Bills OTAs

Good to have you back, Aaron.

Whew. After a week of wild speculation and an Aaron Schobel-less first week of Organized Team Activites, our star defensive end reported to the second of three weeks of voluntary workouts at One Bills Drive. CB reported this development in his Day 5 OTA Notes. That leaves Darwin Walker as the sole veteran that has not yet reported to team activities - his delay, however, will play out much longer than a week.

Schobel's arrival puts to rest, at least for now, any speculation that he is upset about his contract. This speculation was obviously never confirmed by anything from the Schobel camp (or from any other reliable source, for that matter), but it certainly remains an interesting story to watch in the future. There are still only two years remaining on his deal, and it isn't completely out of the question that he'll have contention of the deal sometime down the road. I'm betting on that happening next off-season if it happens at all - that will be prime re-negotiating period as Schobel will be looking for (likely) his final NFL contract.

It's good to have Aaron back. It's good to see that any potential contract issues won't be coming up for a while. You can yell at me all you want, but I still see this as an issue in the not-too-distant future. Sorry - I've got a bit of skeptic in me, too.