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The Phinsider Talks Manny Wright

The Phinsider

Since I'm still the "newbie" when it comes to the fantastic football blogs at SB Nation, it's nice when an experienced vet lends a helping hand. With that said, I welcome Phinatic from The Phinsider to Rumblings today; he is gracious enough to stop by to talk about the Bills' newest defensive tackle, Manny Wright. Here is Phinatic's thoughts on the DT prospect:

"Ahhh...Manny Wright. A player with all the potential in the world to succeed at DT. He's 6'6, 330 lbs and has tremendous power. Unfortunately, he's a head case. I'm sure everyone has heard about when he cried in training camp his rookie season thanks to Nick Satan..uh...i mean Saban. It was very funny, but it also was troubling to see this kid with tons of potential suffer from something like depression. He did, however, get into 3 games at the end of 2005. His first game was actually againt the Bills and he did record a sack in it. In the 3 games combined, Wright had 4 tackles, a sack, and a pass deflection. Not too bad, I suppose. The bottom line on Wright is that he could be a very good player and I think the Bills made a good move bringing him in for a look. The Dolphins new regime just didn't want to put up with him, especially when they have quite a few big, young DTs. Wright became expendable to Miami. But I, like many Dolphin fans, do wish Wright all the best. It would make a great story for him to conquer his deamons and succeed at this level...even if it is with Buffalo."

Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to some entertaining cross-blogging with The Phinsider this coming season, as well as with the other two AFC East blogs that the network currently has or will soon be getting.

As far as Wright goes, my mood is shifting a bit. This really is a no-risk move, and the kid has potential, so I guess it's a smart move to bring him in to see if he can keep his head on straight and beat someone out for a roster spot. I'm not counting on it happening, but I'm not discounting it either.

Thoughts on the... thoughts? (Pun very much intended... it's a slow day.)