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Bills Add Another RB in former 'Hawk Scobey

The Official Site is reporting that the Bills have further added to the depth in their offensive backfield by inking free agent RB Josh Scobey to a deal. The young journeyman is joining his third NFL franchise after starting his career in Arizona.

After a draft in which the Bills spent two picks on highly rated runners, along with the presence of veteran back Anthony Thomas, it's highly unlikely that Scobey can crack this roster. Count the fact that the Bills even handed out a two-year deal to the diminutive Shaud Williams and Scobey's shot at a roster spot seems even more remote.

Still, the massive amounts of attention being paid to our offensive backfield is interesting. With the departure of fullback Daimon Shelton this off-season, the Bills are planning on heading into the regular season without a true fullback on the roster, instead choosing to employ an "H-Back" position in which tight ends and even offensive linemen line up in the backfield with our running backs.

This may be the stress of college finals putting hair-brained ideas into my head, but does anyone see the possibility of Jauron and the coaching staff keeping more running backs than usual? Last season, the team kept 3 backs, Shelton and 4 tight ends. I envision the team keeping eight backs and tight ends again - splitting the difference. Four backs (Lynch, Thomas, Wright and Williams) and four tight ends (Royal, Cieslak, Everett and Schouman). This gives us great versatility in our backfield, allowing for a great number of RB/RB and RB/HB combinations. Any of these eight can be contributors in the passing game out of the backfield. This is the direction I see those two positions working; anyone agree?