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An Interview with Fresno State Football Blog

Bills rookie RB Dwayne Wright

As a continuation of the interviews that I have been conducting in regards to the Bills' draft picks (see the Lynch, Posluszny and Edwards interviews under the NFL Draft logo in the left sidebar if you missed those), today Buffalo Rumblings sits down with the Fresno State Football Blog to discuss the Bills' second rookie running back, Dwayne Wright. Here's the interview in its entirety:

Buffalo Rumblings: Wright has had some well-documented injuries throughout his career, missing nearly two full seasons in his time at college. How did the injury hamper his most recent season at Fresno State and do you see it as being a problem heading into his NFL career?

Fresno State Football Blog: Wright suffered his injury on September 11, 2004. Although he could have played in 2005, it was beneficial for him to sit out and medical redshirt, as he was not quite 100%. In spring 2006, he was unstoppable. He added about 20 lbs of muscle and bulk but did not lose any speed.

Wright was never a burner, but last year he became a bruiser. He showed no signs of injury in spring of 2006 and was a workhorse the entire season. Teams stacked nine in the box, because Fresno State lacked a passing game, but few stopped Wright. He is in the best shape of his career and if he re-injures himself in the NFL it would be merely coincidence.

BR: The Bills drafted Marshawn Lynch in the first round, and he's a big-play, elusive threat that received a lot of hype in college. Working in a two-back set that Buffalo will utilize, how do you feel Wright's skill set matches up with the skills of Lynch? What can Wright do that Lynch cannot?

Fresno State Football Blog: Lynch was never the feature back at Cal. Although he had great numbers, he always had another back to relieve him. Wright is an every-down back. His only weakness is his pass blocking. He has great hands and rarely goes down on the first hit.

Wright would fit perfectly into a two-back set as a power back in the red zone, and as a back in short yardage situations. Basically he is the thunder in a thunder and lighting two-back combination. But don't discount his ability to motor in the open field.

BR: Our GM, Marv Levy, values high-character players. As a 24-year-old rookie and a family man, how do you think Wright's maturity will aid him in his transition to the NFL? Do you think this could help him make an immediate impact as a rookie?

Fresno State Football Blog: Wright has a family to take care, so he will not mess around. He understands the opportunity in front of him and will be professional on and off the field. He is a solid pick and will make an immediate impact in my opinion.


Thanks once again to the Fresno State Football Blog for sitting down with us to discuss Dwayne Wright. We're all looking forward to seeing Wright don a Bills uniform and become an immediate contributor for our offense. For more on Wright by the FSFB, check out this great article that was written just prior to the close of the 2006 season for the Bulldogs.