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More Opinion on the Darwin Walker Situation

In today's installment of "Around the Internet", we have a few notes of interest, including Jerry Sullivan waxing idiotic (literally) about a tired Darwin Walker topic, a nice feature on Kevin Everett and an event that has me even more excited for opening weekend...

I continue to be irritated by the columns of Jerry Sullivan, who today writes that the Bills should overspend for Darwin Walker. You're kidding, right?

A player of Walker's stature would command a signing bonus in the $5 million range, so it might be difficult for the Bills to fit him under their self-imposed cap. They have to find a way. They can defer part of Walker's bonus to next year. If they can't agree on a long-term extension, they can do a one-year deal. Or they can spend cash over the cap.

Or not, Jerry. If we're going to overpay for someone, why not Nate Clements? London Fletcher? Walker's value doesn't approach theirs, yet somehow he's still worth breaking the team's salary cap spine for.

Darwin Walker is no savior. He's probably not worth the money he's seeking from the Bills... The Bills are talking about selling out all their home games. Signing Walker would show the fans they're serious about competing.

Well, you're right about something, Jerry - Walker's not as good as advertised. There's a reason Philadelphia let him go; to suggest that we overpay for his services to appease "the fans" means you don't really have a good read on intelligent Bills fans at all. See, smart Bills fans realize that the team already has shown us they're serious about competing. What else does $75 million worth of offensive linemen say? What else does two of the most prolific draft prospects say? Believe me, Walker's staying or going with the team doesn't say much to a Bills fan that's smart enough to realize that Walker is on the tail end of his career. Don't get me wrong, I'd love Darwin in town. But only at the right price.

Now that I've calmed down a bit, here's a much better article about TE Kevin Everett, whom Mark Gaughan feels can be a playmaker for us:

"...I've certainly liked what I've seen from Kevin Everett the past week," said Bills offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild. "I really do. I think his whole demeanor, his attention to detail, it looks good. He just looks very comfortable, and when he's comfortable he's a very talented guy."

Love that quote from Fairchild. I expect the team to keep four players at the TE position - two to play tight end, two to play H-Back. Those four are Robert Royal, Everett, Brad Cieslak and Derek Schouman. With the two latter manning H-Back, Everett needs to step up big-time to be our backup tight end. I like his skill set, I like the fact that he's focused after two terrible years on our team, and I really like the fact that he's being used as a slot receiver. The planets seem to be aligning for this kid, and it'll be exciting to see if he can sustain it throughout the pre-season.

Our season opener against Denver will be a historic moment for Steve Tasker. During halftime of that contest, our favorite special teamer will be inducted onto the Bills' Wall of Fame. Nothing like seeing the Bills take a 21-0 lead into halftime over a top-notch foe, only to watch Marv and Steve during halftime, followed by another half of solid football in a 35-3 win. That's going to be a great day.

And even if it isn't, it'll still be fun to watch Tasker receive his first honor. I can't wait to see this guy inducted into Canton.