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What's Your Favorite Bills Moment?

An image that is permanently burned into the Happy Center of my brain.

Good morning, all. Being a college student on the weekend between finals, this is the weekend where I do all the work I've been putting off - you all know the drill. So this will be my only posting of the day, and I figured it would be a good opportunity to get to know some of you better that read this site regularly. So the question I ask you today is this, Bills fans - what's your favorite Bills memory?

Back in January of 1993 I was living in Pennsylvania (mere blocks away from Frank Reich's parents, ironically) and was cheering on the Bills at the ripe old age of 7. The day the Bills faced the Oilers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, I had a massive ear infection. I watched Warren Moon torch the Bills with my right ear pressed to a heating pad on one of the chairs in my living room. It's not fun watching the Bills get destroyed from any angle (I saw the whole first half sideways - every Moon pass was moving directly down in my field of vision). Halftime came, and poor sick little Brian decided to take a nap.

I awoke to what seemed to be a thunderstorm, but instead was my father jumping around insanely in the living room. A quick glance told me two things: the Bills had finally scored points, and my mother had vacated the area. Upon further review, Mom had left at halftime to go for a walk (good old lukewarm January PA weather). I remained awake, and pain-free in my ear (adrenaline fixes any health problem) until the score was 35-31. That's when my mother returned from her walk.

I'd just like to point out that beyond any football-related reason, this is why the Bills/Oilers Comeback is my favorite Bills moment. You can't fathom how hard my father tried to keep Mom out of the living room when she got back - chalk that one up to good old-fashioned superstition. Needless to say, sparks flew, Mom came back in the house and she still brings that up on occasion to uproarious laughter.

The rest, as they say, is history. Reed scored, Houston tied, and Christie won it in overtime. Being so young I had only known misery up to that point - the only two games I distinctly remember watching before the Comeback were the first two Super Bowls; obviously, this was the first moment of true elation that I enjoyed as a Bills fan. That's why this is my favorite Bills moment.

OK. Now you all know a little bit more about me. See how this works? We reminisce and we get to know one another. So I urge you, Bills fans, to leave your favorite moments in the comments section below. Even if you've never posted here before, we'd all love to hear from you! I look forward to reading everyone's memories throughout the day.