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Introducing NY Landing Strip to the AFC East Fold

This morning I'd like to welcome SB Nation's newest NFL blog, NY Landing Strip to the AFC East fold! This brand-new Jets blog will be written by Mark Risola and completes SB Nation's AFC East group of blogs. The network is now five teams short of having the entire NFL represented (needing Cardinals, Ravens, Panthers, Saints and Chargers bloggers to complete the sweep).

There should be two interesting contests between the Bills and Jets this year - the teams split road wins last season. Chad Pennington torched the Bills in Week 3 in Orchard Park, and Willis McGahee proceeded to torch the Jets at the Meadowlands in Week 14. Jets fans are very likely thrilled at the prospects of a McGahee-less game versus the Bills; I'm betting that a certain Mr. Lynch will have something to say about their confidence come game day.

If you have a moment, stop by NY Landing Strip and welcome Mark to the network! You're welcome to put him in his place as well, just don't be rude. It's probably in your best interests; I see the Jets being serious contenders for a division crown this year. Those two losses to Buffalo will hurt their chances, though.