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Walker Likely to Miss Mini-camp

Update [2007-6-11 11:20:11 by Brian G]: According to CB at, Walker is officially not in attendance this morning (6/11) at the mandatory mini-camp.

Can't say I didn't tell you so - the AP reports that Darwin Walker is prepared to miss Bills mini-camp, which is a mandatory camp that starts tomorrow. Citing the lack of a new deal and contract negotiations that are moving at a "snail's pace", Walker will likely be fined for each day he misses of the three-day camp.

This news comes after reports broke on Friday that Walker and the Bills were working on a contract extension with the goal of getting Walker into his first mandatory session with the Bills. At this point, for a deal to happen even during the mini-camp seems wishful thinking.

Said Walker's agent, Albert Irby:

"At this point, Darwin feels he has to do what he's got to do. And I imagine they feel the same way," Irby said. "But nobody's slammed the door. We're having cordial talks. As long as we're talking, we're moving forward. But it is a slow pace."

I still have faith that a deal will be done before training camp. The fact that the two sides are still talking is promising. Stay tuned, though - you never know how quickly or slowly these things can be resolved.