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Levy, Losman talk Darwin Walker

The Buffalo Bills' mandatory mini-camp started this morning, and CB reports that Marv Levy addressed the Darwin Walker situation. As expected, the only player missing from the workouts was Walker; Levy provided the following quotes in relation to Walker's contract situation:

"The final decision rests with him," said Levy. "We'd like to have him, but if he's not going to be here we'll go on without him. That's all it amounts to."

"I had a long talk with his agent over the weekend and I had advised him too that contract talk will continue to be handled by Jim Overdorf," Levy said.

"He has been advised that he's subject to fine for missing minicamp," said Levy. "As far as us announcing fines we've never done it. When any of our players have been fined any announcement has come from the league. He has been advised that he's subject to fine."

"I was hoping he'd be here," said Levy. "We're disappointed that he's not from a learning standpoint. But as I said the final decision rides with the players. If he's not going to be here the Buffalo Bills will go on."

Added quarterback J.P. Losman:

"No one is really talking about it," said J. P. Losman. "It's more a situation of if he's going to be here and be a part of this team we want him out here. Whatever it takes for him to get here and make our team better that's what we're looking for. We're taking all the help we can get."

This is the typical stance from the Bills in these types of situations. Levy and especially Losman, at this point, are saying all the right things. They are driving home one point: we'd love to have you, Darwin, but we can survive without you.

I still remain optimistic about a contract getting done. But the situation gets murkier almost by the minute.

I will have an impassioned, rant-laden post on Darwin Walker later on this afternoon. You won't want to miss it.