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Bleeding Green Nation chimes in on Walker

In my constant search for more legitimate opinions on Bills holdout DT Darwin Walker, I thought I'd share the best information I've come across to date. BleedGreen from Bleeding Green Nation has watched Walker play throughout his career with the Eagles and has a terrific first-hand account of Walker as a player:

I think Darwin has a motivational problem. When he first came here, he was cut by the Cardinals and signed here to basically compete in camp. He was fantastic and not only won a job but got himself a pretty nice long term deal. The guy has never been a great run stopper, but his effort was amazing and was really relentless in getting after the QB.

The problem is that the effort has waned at times over the past few years. He'll go through stretches of games where he does nothing, but then he'll throw in a 3 sack performance like he did in Dallas last year. Darwin is not a guy that's going to pick up your team when they need it. When the Eagles defense was getting run all over and struggling, Darwin was at his worst. I really felt at times he just gave up last year. However, when the D was playing well and sacking Drew Bledsoe 8 times, Darwin was right in the middle of it.

I think if there was ever a player that could benefit from a change of scenery it's Darwin Walker. Like I said, when he first came here and had something to prove he gave relentless effort and really stood out. If he thinks he has something to prove in Buffalo, which I think he does, he could very well replicate the kind of success and effort he showed here at times.

I'll tell you what - the way Walker is alienating himself with some Bills fans, he most definitely will have a lot to prove if he ever gets signed. But BleedGreen's analysis says it all: Walker's not a team leader and he's not a guy to build a defense around. That's why he's still sitting out while the Bills move forward. Case closed.

Thanks for the great info, BleedGreen!