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Tuesday Morning Bills Notes

There are some interesting stories making headlines around the Internet this morning...

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that the Bills have offered to void the second remaining year on Darwin Walker's contract. This is a very interesting idea - in effect, the team would allow Walker to play here one year and earn his money. The Bills want to sign him long-term, but they want him to prove his worth first. That's fair, but it's unlikely that Walker will see it the same way. Stay tuned...

My brain still can't fathom John Clayton's praise of J.P. Losman. Seriously? I thought it was always going to be an "us against the world" mentality with Losman, but apparently the world is starting to catch on - Losman is on the rise. Soon everyone, not just Clayton, will know it.

The Bills have signed seventh round pick DE C.J. Ah You. Ah You is the first rookie to ink his debut contract with the team; it's likely we'll see more signings in the coming days. On a side note, to me, the signings of Marshawn Lynch and Paul Posluszny can't come soon enough - we need to avoid the mini-holdout situation that we witnessed with Donte Whitner last season.

Connor Byrne thinks the Bills need more from Donte Whitner. He's right - and back on May 15, I agreed.

The Buffalo News has a nice interview and article on backup QB Craig Nall. After making himself look, well, stupid earlier this off-season by saying that the Bills owed him a shot at the starting job, Nall is now trying to say all the right things:

"Missing 2 1/2 weeks of camp last year really set me back," Nall said. "After that I really had no chance to get on the field. This year I'm in that No. 2 spot. I'm doing everything I can to hold that and trying to push J.P. at the same time."

We'll bring you more Bills news throughout the day, including some observations on Day 2 of the team's mandatory mini-camp.