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Small Market Roundtable, Week 4 - Media Coverage


This ESPN screenshot shows 3 Patriots stories... running at the same time. Disgusting.

It's story time, folks. I don't know how many (if any) of you have listened to the SB Nation Sports Report, but if you haven't check it out. Anyways - there is a feature in that show called, very appropriately, the "ESPN Hard-on of the Week". Roger Clemens has been a winner of this award; last week, the New England Patriots took the honor. Check out that picture above - three Patriots articles running at the same time on the NFL ticker at Nobody should really be too surprised by this, but you're more than welcome to feel disgusted or ticked off. I know it irritated me a bit.

Which leads us to the fourth installment of the world-famous SB Nation Small Market Roundtable - this week, Jimmy at Music City Miracles talks media coverage of small-market teams. It's a heck of an article that makes some really good points about media giants and their seeming inability to cover anything other than big-market teams with more star power.

A few days ago I would have been right there with Jimmy complaining about the Bills' lack of big-time media coverage, but after John Clayton got giddy about our offense, it's kind of hard to complain about ESPN's coverage at the moment. NFL Network has also been covering Bills mini-camp, so there's a bit of prominence there as well. My guess, however, is that the recent splurge of coverage has to do with the Bills being viewed as an "up-and-coming" season of sorts.

At any rate, be sure to check out Jimmy's article - it's a stellar read. Stay tuned to this Roundtable as well - after a trip to the Daily Norseman next week, the Roundtable makes its way here to Buffalo Rumblings for a discussion on Revenue Sharing.