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SB Nation NFL Keeps on Rolling - Saints Blog!

Just two days after adding Baltimore Beatdown to SB Nation, things just keep on rollin'. I'd like to extend a welcome to Sunil, the newest NFL blogger here at SB Nation over at Canal Street Chronicles, a New Orleans Saints blog.

I'm not going to hesitate to say it - Sunil is one of the more gifted writers I have ever encountered in my time wandering the vast array of (in general) crap that is the Internet. He's going to be a brilliant addition to the Nation, so if your second-favorite team is the Saints, you absolutely have to check out Sunil's new site.

Welcome to the Nation, Sunil! It's going to be a fun ride.

Note: SB Nation now has 30 NFL bloggers! The Arizona Cardinals and San Diego Chargers are now the only unrepresented teams in our ginormous blog network. How cool is that?!