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Recap: Around the AFC East

It's been a busy Friday here at Buffalo Rumblings - we have had three guest appearances (of sorts) from The Phinsider, Pats Pulpit and NY Landing Strip, who have all answered my questions in regards to their respective AFC East teams. Before we wrap up the inaugural week's festivities of this campaign, let's take a quick look at the content circling the other three fantastic sites mentioned above:

Over at Pats Pulpit:

I address J.P. Losman's future with the franchise and compare him with some infamous Bills quarterbacks
Phinatic tackles the changes Miami's offense will see with Trent Green under center
Jetfighter examines the differences between Eric Mangini and Herman Edwards

Over at NY Landing Strip:

I convince Jetfighter that A-Train + Marshawn > McGahee
Phinatic discusses the backup QB situation in Miami
Tommasse does his best Bill Belichick impersonation in downplaying the Pats' offensive prowess

Over at The Phinsider:

I examine the defensive losses of Spikes, Fletcher and Clements
Tommasse discusses the Asante Samuel holdout in Foxboro
Jetfighter expresses his optimism on the Jets' chances despite a very tough schedule

There you have it. Twelve fascinating topics to quench your AFC East football thirst this weekend. This has been a great day for the 4 AFC East blogs involved - great traffic numbers, really good topics of discussion and a successful foray into SBN group work that we hope to grow as we move forward.

I'd appreciate any thoughts that my impressively intelligent readership has to offer on this little experiment of ours. Praise is preferred, but constructive criticism will also be eagerly accepted. "Around the AFC East" will return next Friday with twelve more questions to arouse your football interest.

Coming Tomorrow: We return to Bills talk. That should make some of you happy; it will definitely make me happy. Go Bills!