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Upcoming Features at Buffalo Rumblings

It's that time of the year, Bills fans - when we sit and daydream at work of Lee Evans touchdowns, Aaron Schobel sacks and Roscoe Parrish punt returns. Then we slowly realizing that we've got a month and a half to wait until training camp, so we wallow away through the summer months in relative football misery. They say that if you watch the second hand on a clock, time actually moves slower.

So, in these dreary months of football nothingness, I've planned a series of features here at Buffalo Rumblings that won't completely quench your football thirst, but hopefully will keep you sane until July 26. Those features are:

The SB Nation Small Market Roundtable still has three installments remaining, and Buffalo Rumblings will be hosting those festivities on June 27. Previous topics include relocation, stadiums, free agency and media coverage.

Our newest feature, Around the AFC East, will continue to air on Fridays and feature the rest of the fantastic AFC East blogs here at SB Nation. Simply scroll down to see yesterday's inaugural installments.

Tomorrow, I will begin a series of Positional Previews, where I take a look at the personnel of Buffalo's roster on a position-by-position basis and take a whack at just how each position will be utilized this season.

After the Positional Reviews, on July 1 I will begin a mini-series called Fantasy Bills, where I will give a preview of every Buffalo Bill that is fantasy football-worthy. That will take us until July 15, when...

... Training Camp Previews begin. Here I'll give an outlook on camp, let you know which practices I'll be attending, and take a look at some of the camp battles that are sure to be heated throughout August.

That's it, folks. Well, I guess that's not it, as I'll be keeping you up to date on any news that breaks during that time, but the last series will end the day before training camp, just in time for full training camp coverage here at Buffalo Rumblings. We're a ways off, but it's not as far as you think, Bills fans. Hang in there, and keep reading. Go Bills!