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The Real Off-Season Depresses Me

This is what we have to look forward to as far as news articles outside of this site, Bills fans. Below are the two most interesting Bills-related articles I could find this morning, and they both depress me.

Over at, Anthony Bialy reminds us how long we have to wait for training camp. Uh... thanks, Bialy. Keep twisting that knife, it feels good.

Chris Ostrander over at the main site has a nice Father's Day piece on Bobby April and his son. It's a touching story and all, and I like Bobby April a lot, but come on! This is all the Internet has to offer today?!

I need real football. I need to see some hitting. I think everyone reading this needs some hitting too. Thankfully, YouTube and Paul Posluszny come to the rescue:

More to come later today. More football, that is.