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Connor Byrne Tackles the Wilson Comments

In typical media fashion, a few comments made by Ralph Wilson have turned into mass hysteria and worry. This story of the Bills' future has snowballed into such a train wreck of a situation that it's got everybody talking about the wrong things regarding the Bills. Today it's's Connor Byrne (one of my favorite writers) talking Ralph Wilson:

With the future of Buffalo's football team uncertain -- combined with the NFL's expressed desire to move a team to either Canada, Mexico or California in the near future -- some Bills followers may be certain that the end is near for the franchise.

While that may be true, the best advice one could give to those people is to not worry. Why? For the simple fact that anything out of your control isn't something worth pushing the panic button over. That said, fans can do their part by continuing to buy tickets and merchandise, which would send a positive message to the league that the Bills (currently valued at $627 million, according to Forbes) can be viable going forward.

This is the truth, Bills fans. The city of Buffalo needs the Bills. While it may not be true vice versa, there are people out there that are willing to keep this team in Western New York. Tom Golisano, the owner of the Buffalo Sabres, is one of them - and he had an interesting quote in this article:

"I would hate to see the Buffalo Bills leave the area," Golisano, in an interview with the New York Times, said of the Bills back in May. "And if a situation arose where I needed to be involved in that, I probably would consider it."

Obviously, judging by Golisano's words, saving the Bills from relocation could be a priority of his down the line. If it really is, Wilson -- before passing away, which, unfortunately, is coming -- almost has the responsibility to discuss the Bills' future with Golisano.

A few of you diary writers have also mentioned Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly as a potential investor who could put together a group that buys the Bills after Wilson's passing. This isn't unprecedented in professional sports - Mario Lemieux owned the Pittsburgh Penguins, as one example.

The Bills' future in Buffalo is anything but certain, but hey - it wasn't certain before Wilson made those comments. As I've said a few times here already, I am taking Byrne's advice and choosing not to worry about it - the Bills belong in Buffalo. When the right people realize that, someone will step in to keep the team here. And if that doesn't happen, hey - it's been close to 50 years in this city with an NFL team. That's a good ride. It'll crush Bills fans if the team moves, but like Byrne says, it's out of control. So watch the team, buy their merchandise, sell out their games and do anything else that is in your power to show your support for the Bills. I plan on it; you should too. If we're loud enough, the right people will realize that the Bills belong here.