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Wednesday Evening News Crawl

Two articles making their way around the Internet caught my interest today (which should impress you more than usual; I am post-op with a splitting headache and hopped up on painkillers, so if something catches my interest it's either very good or very brightly colored):

CB over at the main site continues the media excitement over new CB Jason Webster:

"Losing Nate was tough because Terrence McGee is a really good player and we were leaning heavily on Kiwaukee, Ashton and Jabari," said Bills head coach Dick Jauron. "But to get a guy that has started more than 60 games in the National Football League that has the quality, performance level and character level of Jason, I couldn't be happier with how it fits us. It was big."

That's some pretty high praise from Jauron, if you ask me. Webster seems to be a really solid fit in our defense and could become a starter if he continues to impress in mini-camp. I'm going to continue with my opinion that Kiwaukee Thomas should be the starter at right corner (at least initially), but I continue to be impressed with what I'm hearing about Webster. Our situation at cornerback is looking better and better every day (although still not as comforting as last season).

Anthony Bialy at examines Buffalo's red zone inefficiency on offense last year:

Your memory isn't exaggerating: Last year, the Bills were as bad as you remembered with 80 percent of the field conquered. Buffalo finished 26th in the league in red-zone trips when it comes to touchdown percentage. The Bills got six points with a shot at a seventh only 15 times out of 35 total excursions, which works out to 42.8 percent. Compare that to the top team, the Chargers, who got into the endzone after 67.7 percent of their inside-the-20 trips.

Bialy brings up one hell of a point (although it helps San Diego to have a certain Tomlinson on their squad - dude can score from anywhere). Bialy goes on to posit that the Bills' improvements made to the offensive line and general confidence boost on offense could lead to much better red zone results - and I agree. We have three weapons who are (or could be) especially effective in the red zone: WR Josh Reed, TE Robert Royal and RB Dwayne Wright. I think the offense as a whole is better and as a result our red zone efficiency will be much higher. This is a good read.

Coming Tomorrow: TE analysis and a special announcement dealing directly with community involvement!