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Weekend Bills Notes

Is anyone ready for football season? I am - not because I don't enjoy these summer months, but mostly because there's little to talk about in regards to our beloved Buffalo Bills. Even with this startling lack of material, here's a couple of tidbits to tide you over until our wide receiver analysis later on today...

In a bit of actual news, reports surfaced this weekend in regards to the Bills' new high-definition scoreboard. Just the second high-def scoreboard in the league (the Dolphins were the first to have one - looks like they can beat us in one thing, after all), it should make the Bills' game-day experience that much more exciting. Check out the video done by Chris Brown at the Bills home page if you haven't done so already; it shows just how huge the new board is and also goes into detail on the ribbon scoreboards that will run along the sidelines. I'm excited to get back to the Ralph to see these new installments.

A media member finally went there: Connor Byrne of thinks that if Takeo is good, the Bills look bad.

It's true Spikes asked the Bills for a trade when the offseason began, but he certainly wouldn't have given less than maximum effort in 2007 if he remained on the roster. And if he's a respectable part of Philadelphia's defense this season, Buffalo will be kicking itself for letting the nine-year veteran go for late-round picks, extra salary-cap room (as if the frugal Bills don't already have enough) and a D-tackle who will probably never see the home locker room at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

I usually like Byrne's writing, but I disagree with him whole-heartedly on this one in regards to a couple points. One - the Bills won't be kicking themselves for letting an overpriced veteran with a limited future and an injury history walk, no matter how well he does this year in Philadelphia. Every linebacker in our starting trio has more future potential than Spikes, and the future is exactly what we're building for. Second - the Bills don't have enough cap room. They'll never have enough. We're saving funds to re-sign our current stars and to bring in new ones - why waste that money to make yourself "look good" in a trade? No, Mr. Byrne, the Bills aren't kicking themselves, and at no point down the line will they be.

Stay tuned to Buffalo Rumblings for a continuation on my "Positional Previews" series, where today we examine the situation at wide receiver.