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Donovin Darius Visits the Bills

Darius: the leader we need or not worth the investment?

Per the official site, free agent safety Donovin Darius was in Orchard Park today for a visit with the Bills coaching staff. The 32-year-old Darius was released by the Jaguars after spending the past two seasons riddled with injuries. Jacksonville took two safeties in this past April's draft, making Darius more of a luxury than a necessity on their defense.

While a potential signing of Darius would create a little excitement (or confusion) in these boring off-season months, I'm choosing not to read too much into this for a couple of reasons. First - Darius played under both Dick Jauron and Perry Fewell in his early years in Jacksonville; I see this more as a "gift" visit than a serious play for Darius' services. If other teams (Carolina) think the Bills are interested, it'll drive up his asking price - call it a favor to Darius from his former coaches. (This is all me, by the way - call me crazy or a conspiracy theorist, but I think it has some merit.)

Secondly, I still believe the main focus of the front office right now is the Darwin Walker situation. The team still has over a month to try to get Walker into camp, so there's still time for negotiations to resume. Again, this is just my theory, but I think that the Bills are saying "Hey Darwin, look - we're thinking about signing a safety. We don't even need a safety, really - how does that make you feel?"

None of this means that I wouldn't enjoy seeing Darius sign a deal with the Bills - in fact, I think it could really help our team out a lot. I believe what Chris Brown believes - that a Darius signing would make Ko Simpson a reserve and Donte Whitner our starting free safety (which I vouched for when the Darius rumors first broke). I'm a Ko Simpson fan, but Darius brings an element of big hitting, experience and leadership that Simpson doesn't come close to having. I also think Whitner would bring more athleticism and potential to the free safety position, and give the defensive backfield far more flexibility.

What was I trying to say in all that rambling? Basically this: I'm down for a Darius signing. But I don't think it will happen.

Thoughts on the visit?

Update [2007-6-26 17:35:6 by Brian G]: A tip of the hat to Kurupt, who has some great thoughts about this story in his diary on the subject.