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Checking in with Rumblings Readers

Good morning, Bills fans! This Tuesday is going to be a relatively busy day at "real" work for yours truly, so my linebacking positional previews likely won't be posted until later this evening. So, in order to tide you over until that feature later on today, I've got a few announcements regarding the Rumblings community:

Traffic at Buffalo Rumblings has been pretty great the past couple of weeks, so to all our new readers, welcome! If you haven't done so already, please create a free account and join in the conversation - this site is about you, the fans, so make your voice heard! Post comments and write diaries! We have a strong community of readers and diarists, but like the Bills we're still building. So join us and say that you're the Rumblings version of Marshawn Lynch.

We are two installments into our brand-new Around the AFC East feature, and I'm looking for some feedback. In case you've missed those features, see the AFC East section of this site to catch up. What do you like/dislike about the feature? Anything you'd like to see done differently? Or best of all, do you have any questions you'd like me to ask in the feature? Again, this site is about fan involvement, so I'd love to hear anything you have to say about Around the AFC East.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday 6/27) at approximately 10:15 PM, I will be joining TheSportsGuru from Mile High Report on his latest episode of...

... MHR Radio! Guru is starting a series in which he will interview bloggers that cover Broncos opponents. As most of you well know, Buffalo hosts Denver in Week 1 this season, so I'm first up in the lineup. Again, the show airs tomorrow night at 10PM, so if you're up late, listen in LIVE!

Also, one last reminder - tomorrow, Buffalo Rumblings will be hosting the SBNation Small Market Roundtable, where Revenue Sharing will be the topic of focus. Throughout the day (and likely a few days after that), bloggers from the football section of SBNation will be stopping by to share their thoughts and opinions on Revenue Sharing and its effects on their team and the NFL. Don't let this scare you off - this roundtable discussion is open to everyone, including Bills fans! So if you've got a beef with the article tomorrow, tell us about it.

That's it. Linebacker Previews will be coming at you later today. Stay tuned...