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A Few Evening Bills Notes

Bills news is back in full swing at Buffalo Rumblings this evening, Bills fans. We've been busy with some alternate work, but the next 24 hours will be chock-full of Bills info - so don't miss it!

First reminder - don't forget that tonight at 10:00 Eastern Time I will be making a much-appreciated guest appearance on...

... MHR Radio! TheSportsGuru of Mile High Report is starting a series on his live blog-cast in which he will interview bloggers that cover Broncos opponents. As most of you well know, Buffalo hosts Denver in Week 1 this season, so I'm first up in the lineup. Again, the show airs tonight at 10PM, so if you're up late, listen in LIVE to hear your humble host set the record straight as to the outcome of that Week 1 contest.

I didn't expect to see this. Members of the media are posing this question: is Tank Johnson to Buffalo a possibility? Thankfully, no one is dumb enough to go out on a limb and say that Johnson to Buffalo is a sure thing. Most likely they see the Jauron-Chicago connection and think "maybe..."; Johnson was actually drafted in 2004, which was Lovie Smith's first season at the helm in Chicago. No ties, no Tank in Buffalo. This will not happen, Bills fans - so rest easy.

Chris Brown at the Official Site appears to be starting some previews of the Bills on a position-by-position basis; his quarterbacks article aired today with some interesting stats and quotes. Apparently, Buffalo has the youngest quarterback corps in the league - which would disturb me if I didn't have the utmost faith in J.P. Losman (which I made apparent in my QB Preview).

Coming Tomorrow: We're catching up on Positional Previews, with MLB, CB and S coming. That will prep us for Friday's newest installment of Around the AFC East. Stay tuned, keep reading and keep talking!