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Around the AFC East - The Recap

This has definitely been the most fun and entertaining installment of "Around the AFC East" to date. After two weeks of general respect and civility, the gloves are off and the four AFC East bloggers (including yours truly) are going at it like true division rivals should.

Let me just say that I have a ton of respect for Matty I at The Phinsider, Tommasse at Pats Pulpit and Jetfighter at NY Landing Strip. All three are very good writers, run great team blogs and are integral parts to the SB Nation football family. It's just that their views on the Bills are so horribly misguided sometimes... and it's my job to set them straight. I have a great time doing so. Here's a recap of all of today's action:

Over at The Phinsider:

Matty I and I exchange blows on the topic of J.P. Losman (be sure to read the comments!)
Tommasse discusses New England's "underrated" D-Line
Jetfighter thinks that Vilma will bounce back despite his poor 3-4 defensive skills

Over at Pats Pulpit:

Tommasse asks me to compare Marv the Coach and Marv the GM
Matty I stresses the importance of a quick start in Miami
Jetfighter thinks the Jets are second to the Pats

Over at NY Landing Strip:

Jetfighter actually has a respectable opinion on J.P. Losman
Jetfighter thinks Miami CB Will Allen sucks (and he's right!)
Tommasse isn't completely sold on Laurence Maroney... yet.

Man, I love this feature. You know why? It gets my juices flowing - and it's only June! Nothing like a fun-filled, hot-headed football debate to feed the NFL-starved fan in the summertime, right? Right! So be sure to check out all those links, leave your feedback and especially these next two items: e-mail me with questions you'd like asked of the other bloggers, and keep tuning in on Fridays for actual football discussion.