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Monday Evening Internet Crawl

We've had record numbers of Bills fans visiting Buffalo Rumblings today; for those of you who visited the site for the first time today, welcome! I urge you to create a free account (this takes 10 seconds) and post comments and Diaries! We have a budding little community of Bills fans here, and we'd love to have you join us!

Now for the Bills stories making headlines around the Internet today...

Chris Ostrander, a contributor at The Official Site, has a very nice article on UDFA wideout Jemalle Cornelius:

One thing working in his favor is his ability to play any receiver position, as well as special teams. His versatility got him on the field in many situations at Florida, and it is something he hopes to use to his advantage in Buffalo.

The fact that the coaches think enough of Cornelius to have him learn two wideout positions right out of the gate speaks volumes to me. I've always thought this kid had a shot at making our final roster; this should be a confidence boost for Cornelius that he's being counted on that heavily. At a minimum, Cornelius should be on this team's practice squad.'s Anthony Bialy talks Aaron Schobel:

Of course, it wasn't mandatory for Schobel to be in town, but organized team activities are "voluntary" in the same sense that seeing a Drew Barrymore movie with your girlfriend is: You could technically not attend, but you know very well you're expected to, and that there will be consequences if you don't. For you, the couch will be your mattress for awhile and you're not going to get to watch strongman contests on ESPN2 or Versus for months, but for Schobel, he has to deal with speculation about his happiness both in Buffalo and with his level of compensation.

And he has to be kept pleased. The truth is that Schobel is the single threat on the line.

This was a good read. He's right; Schobel is the only consistent threat on our line. He'll be happy for another year, but as I've said before, I wouldn't be surprised to see him ask for more guaranteed money next off-season. At any rate, I'm looking for another Pro Bowl year from Schobel. We need it.

Good luck, Denver - the team signed DT Sam Adams today. The former Bill will make a return trip to Buffalo on Opening Day; it should be pretty fun to watch him get dominated by Derrick Dockery all day. Perhaps we'll get to see a few highlights of Adams' arm fat a-jiggling as he waves bye-bye to Marshawn Lynch. In all seriousness, this is a solid signing for Denver, but he doesn't make Denver too much better. This is still a beatable team in Week One. Very beatable.