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Dolphins Get Their Quarterback

Reports indicate that Miami has acquired QB Trent Green. After months of speculation, the deal finally went down today; a conditional 5th-round pick in the 2008 draft was the collateral. Miami appears to have finally found their starting quarterback this season; this puts doubt into the future of Daunte Culpepper in a Dolphins uniform.

In other news, fans showed up to Dolphin Stadium to react to the deal:

Looks like Tiny needs a new jersey

In all seriousness, this is probably a good move for the Fish. But to think that Trent Green is suddenly going to turn this team into a contender is, thankfully, ridiculous (although he should be a great tutor for John Beck). What I am excited about is that Green is a bit easier to take down than Culpepper; if you recall, the Bills sacked Daunte seemingly every play in a victory in Miami last year.

Thoughts on Miami's newest acquisition?