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Bills Notes From Around the Web

What a surprise! More Darwin Walker talk this morning, as well as another Connor Byrne masterpiece and Day 9 OTA notes from CB...

I rave often about the work of Connor Byrne, but fellow RealFootball365 columnist Anthony Bialy gets my nod for Best Article of the Day. Bialy understands the Darwin Walker situation just as I do:

It's like putting a shirt your ex got you in the Goodwill bag: It still might be a good garment, and you might like it a bit, but it will always be tainted by where it came from, so severing that link is the best course. Clearing off some of the few remnants of the Tom Donahoe Reign of Error can only be a positive development.

Thank you, Mr. Bialy. I've been saying this for a while - letting Walker go back to Philly isn't the end of the world. Trading two high-profile players for two low-round picks also isn't the end of the world. You take what you get for players that are at the end of their careers (and that's what Spikes and Holcomb are) and you move on. I'll say it again, however - I want Walker in camp. Just at the right price.

Now back to my regularly scheduled Connor Byrne praise: his article on the JP to Lee connection is spot on.

Amazingly, Losman and Evans were able to connect regularly for big gains despite the rest of the offense being relatively ineffective. For the upcoming season, however, the offense looks as though it has improved, and that in itself ought to at least strike some early fear into opposing defensive secondaries.

Improved it has. (Probably) Better O-Line play, more versatile threats out of the backfield, and a full year of experience under Losman's belt. All of that could equate to more big plays, lots of touchdowns and a Pro Bowl berth for at the very least Evans. Is it football season yet?

One more week of practices and then it's mandatory mini-camp time in Orchard Park. I'll keep this brief; in his Day 9 OTA Notes, CB highlights a few players: Roscoe Parrish is burning defenders; Jason Webster is still getting first-team reps ahead of a dinged up Kiwaukee Thomas; and Marshawn Lynch is making difficult catches out of the backfield. Seriously - is it football season yet?

So much for that backup plan at DT - the 49ers are going to sign Sam Rayburn. Perhaps, as CB noted in his blog yesterday, the team will take a look at Cardinals defect Kenderick Clancy? Time will tell, but I like CB wouldn't mind at least a workout and an interview.

Stay tuned today for more Bills news and notes. And now for a special announcement:

Happy Birthday to Papa G! Today is my father's birthday; without him, Buffalo Rumblings would not exist. Happy Birthday, Dad!