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Bills Wrap Up OTAs

We're one step closer to football season, Bills fans - the team wrapped up three weeks worth of Organized Team Activities today. It's been three practices since I've last commented on Chris Brown's notes, so here's some random thoughts and observations to close out phase two of the off-season...

Day 10 - CB describes Marshawn Lynch's shake and bake as "eye-popping". That's great news in my book; other than Lee Evans, the Bills' offense doesn't have a true playmaker. That needs to be Lynch, and the fact that he's making defenders look silly already is a great sign.

Day 11 - The early pool of kick returners is revealed. Obviously Terrence McGee is first in the rotation, but it's unclear just how much he'll be used this season now that he's our top corner. That means that the rest of the players used - RB Josh Scobey, WR Roscoe Parrish, RB Shaud Williams and WR Johnny Quinn - can get some playing time here if they show the coaching staff something. My early bet is on Scobey, whose size makes him a bit more threatening to break tackles on kick returns than Parrish.

Day 12 - With a bunch of veterans missing the final day of practices (Lee Evans, Peerless Price, Terrance Pennington, Jason Whittle), the most interesting tidbit was Dick Jauron's quote about Darwin Walker and next week's mandatory mini-camp:

"I would anticipate that he would (be here)," said Jauron. "I'm hopeful that he'll be here. You'd certainly love to have him here, but the OTAs were voluntary. It does give you an indication of their commitment to us and their eagerness to learn. If you didn't have most of your guys here it would be very difficult to compete in this league. We've had great attendance and we anticipate that all of our guys under contract will be here for the minicamp."

This is a bit too optimistic for my taste, and I don't think Walker will be here this week. Unless, of course, a miracle happens this weekend and Walker gets a restructured deal. I'm not counting on it, but boy would it be nice.

June 11-13 marks the three-day mandatory mini-camp. After that we're on our own for a while, as there will be no more activity until training camp opens in mid-July.