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Bills Raise Stadium Parking Prices and Other Notes

Get ready to shell out the big bucks, Bills fans. Here's what's been making headlines in Bills country over the past few days:

Parking prices for Bills home games are skyrocketing. Basic cash lots at Ralph Wilson Stadium will now ask $25 to park a vehicle, as compared to the $15 it was last season. Camper lots are doubling from $25 to $50; limos and buses will see an increase to $60 from $40. Ouch.

But there's a point to be made here: if the Bills start winning games, very few people will care about the parking prices. I think they'll win more games this season. Bob Matthews agrees.

Apparently, NFL history indicates that Marshawn Lynch won't break 1,000 yards in his rookie season. Can't say I disagree - and I don't, as I did just project him at 940 yards. But I will say this - no running back in (my) recent memory has been set up for success quite like Lynch has this year. I continue to be giddy about this kid's potential.

The Herald, a newspaper based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has a terrific interview with Bills safety Ko Simpson today. My favorite quote:

Q: What were you feeling when your name wasn't called on the first day of the draft?

A: I was lost for words, wondering what went wrong. I was a Cowboys fan when I was growing up, but I didn't care who drafted me as long as I got picked. It was cold in Buffalo this winter, but I like it up there.

I always love hearing these guys from down south voice their opinions on Buffalo weather. Simpson's quote pales in comparison to Roscoe Parrish (who had never seen snow until being drafted by Buffalo), but it's humorous all the same. Good to see he got through the cold alright.