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SB Nation Sports Report TONIGHT

Dear Rumblings community,

If you are not busy this evening (an extremely hot one in Western New York), why not park your rump in front of the computer and have a listen to the SB Nation Sports Report? This show is the official podcast of SB Nation, and is highly entertaining. The hosts of the show, BigBlueShoe and TheSportsGuru will tell you a little more about the show below:

Tonight on the SB Nation Sports Report:

Fooch will call us live from the MLB All-Star game in San Francisco, CA. We tried to get Fooch a kayak in McCovey Cove, but since it is a known elemental law that an A's fan will disintegrate should he touch McCovey Cove water, we decided to ditch the damn boat and have him give us a live update on the game.

We're also talking NFL football, and the countdown to NFL Training Camps opening up. We'll offer our first in a series of pre-season picks, fantasy suggestions, and our thoughts on who will win it all (Gee, who will we pick!). NBA Summer leagues are in full swing, and NASCAR drivers are sissy-slapping each other again as they race for The Cup.

All that and more as BigBlueShoe returns from his jail sentence... er, vacation to co-host the SBNSR with TheSportsGuru tonight at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) on! We immediately follow BON's Peter Bean's EDSBS Live show, co-hosted with Orson Swindle.

And hey - if you can't make it tonight, you can always listen to the rebroadcast at the same link!