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Bills Sign Second Draft Pick, Ink QB Edwards

This story just broke on the main site, so I thought I'd share - the Bills have agreed to terms with third-round pick quarterback Trent Edwards. He is the second rookie to sign a deal, following seventh round DE C.J. Ah You.

Good to see that Buffalo has locked down a first-day pick this early in the game. This brings me to a point I planned on covering within the next week or so: potential holdouts.

Last season, first-round pick Donte Whitner missed the start of training camp while remaining unsigned. This, in my opinion, is a situation that absolutely has to be avoided with Paul Posluszny and especially Marshawn Lynch. With training camp starting on July 26, the days grow short for the team to lock up Lynch.

I know that most of this goes with signings around the picks; for example, the Bills will be looking at the salaries of Patrick Willis (#11 to SF), Adam Carriker (#13 to StL) and Adrian Peterson (#7 to MIN, and the first RB taken). So any Lynch signing will likely have to wait for one or more of those three rookies to sign. It's a complicated process, to be sure. Here's to hoping that it gets done by the 26th - these two rooks are far too important to be missing any practice time whatsoever.