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Bills Notes from Around the Web

I'm going crazy here. I'm tired of the NFL off-season. It's July 11; there are 15 more grueling days to get through before training camp starts. I'm tired of hearing about "news bits" like the three that follow. Can someone just put me in a coma for the next two weeks, and wake me up for move-in day at St. John Fisher?

Will a simplified scheme help our new O-Line? Anthony Bialy at RealFootball365 thinks so.

The Bills aren't focused on unnatural blocking assignments based around excessive pulling. Rather, if last year is to be used as a model, the target for each respective lineman is likely whoever is crouching in their forward path. Of course, it's still a difficult job, but that is somewhat alleviated by the fact that everyone has a relatively clear objective.

Can't say I disagree with him, but I'll admit that I'd be disappointed if the Bills didn't take advantage of this group's athleticism once in a while. Gaining yards is the obvious goal, but if we're too predictable, we're sunk.

Chris Brown over at the official site has been attempting to ask (and answer) Buffalo's big questions heading into this season. His most recent question: can Brian Moorman net 40 yards in punting average?

"The beauty of it is it's a true team number because you need the coverage, you need to shut down the returner and down balls," said [special teams coach Bobby] April. That's the difference between this number and all the other ones. Rocky Marciano's record of 48-0, Beamon's long jump of over 29 feet, Aaron's 755 and Bannister were all individual numbers. For a punter to do it he'll need the gunners to down punts and guys to make tackles on returners. A lot of it will be Brian, but a lot of it will be coverage too."

Wow. Look, it's great to have goals, but you can't compare a 40-yard net punting average to Hank Aaron's (soon to be broken) home run record. Glad to see that the unit is passionate about their goals, but these "comparisons" are comical at best. For the record, Moorman should break that record. Only Bills fans will care.

Draft Tek, one of my favorite NFL draft sites out there, has a nice little system of evaluating the value of each team's draft. It's a process that is too long and complicated for me to go into here; suffice it to say that thanks to picks like Posluszny, Edwards and Wendling, the Bills had the fifth-best value draft in the league. Be sure to check it out - it's an interesting site. And it will keep you, well, not as bored as you probably are now.