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Saturday Morning Bills Notes

Yet another day where all is quiet on the western (New York) front. Stay hardy, Bills fans - training camp officially starts in just 12 days!

Bills fans can buy individual game tickets starting this morning at 9AM. If you're looking to see the Broncos, Jets or Cowboys at Ralph Wilson Stadium, however, you're out of luck - those games are sold out already. There are very few seats remaining for the Ravens (the Return of Willis) and Patriots games, as well, so act fast if you're trying to go to those. That leaves the Bengals, Dolphins and Giants on the Bills' home schedule. Get your tickets today, and then come find me at The Ralph (Section 114, Row 11) when you go to the game!

Really good article from Anthony Bialy recently about building Patriot-style.

It's remarkable how winning a troika of Super Bowls can change perceptions. For example, if, say, the New England Patriots made the sort of personnel moves the Bills had this past offseason, analysts would be standing up and cheering as they praised the thrice-champs over the sound of their own applause for the franchise's willingness to discard renowned veterans in the name of pursuing team goals.

On the other hand, the hard-luck Bills were valiant enough to realize that there was no need to retain the services of someone like the bold, and boldly inconsistent, Nate Clements at the price he requested and received, and yet the team is condemned for letting a premier defender walk. The same could be said regarding discussion about Buffalo allowing an aging, slowing London Fletcher to leave or trading away a hobbled Takeo Spikes and an underachieving ingrate like Willis McGahee.

How true is that? I hate the Patriots bias. But I love Bialy, just because he called McGahee an "ingrage". That's spectacular. Be sure to check out this thumping good read of an article.

Interesting little blurb on Bills rookie DB Stacey Thomas, a player that I feel could crack the Bills' practice squad at the end of August. Helping family displaced by Katrina, injured all of the 2005 season, and playing for a losing college team never caused Thomas to slow down. That's the type of commitment that NFL coaches love. There's just something about this kid...