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Tuesday Evening Bills News

A few things to mention quickly this evening:

Be sure to vote in the poll directly to your right in regards to the backup QB battle - we'd like as much fan input as to who will be JP Losman's backup as possible, so cast your vote tonight!

The team announced today that two more home games have sold out. The Return of Willis McGahee (10/21 vs. Baltimore) is sold out, and only a few single game tickets remain for the home contest against the Patriots. That leaves the Bengals, Giants and Dolphins contests as your best opportunity to get tickets if you haven't yet. If you do end up getting tickets to any games, be sure to look me up in Section 114, Row 11!

While it wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement, Matt Mosley from ESPN's Hashmarks says the Bills "could be decent". His basis? Our new offensive line, of course. Good to see a little more national attention that isn't just "holy crap the Bills lost Clements/Fletcher/Spikes/McGahee".

Draft Tek, my personal favorite NFL Draft-related site, has been conducting reviews of the 2005 Draft and has posted their thoughts on the Bills' 2005 efforts. Let's just say it was, well, bad:

Duke Preston (who?!) represents the top point getter for the Bills 2005 class.

It's true - Preston, Roscoe Parrish and Kevin Everett remain the only players on the team from the draft class just two seasons ago (Justin Geisinger, Eric King and Lionel Gates have since departed). My only consolation to Bills fans - Tom Donahoe. Nice last draft, Tom. It's no wonder you lost your job. If Parrish can climb the depth chart a bit more and Preston can entrench himself as a starter for sure, then that draft grade should go up. This is an interesting exercise by Draft Tek, so be sure to check it out!