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Bills, Mike Vick and Rumblings Community Notes

Before I get into some of the news around the Internets this evening, I just wanted to give a little shout-out to the people who have been commenting here of late - you know who you are. We've been having some great discussions about these training camp battles of ours, and it's good to see more and more Bills fans stepping up to the plate with their opinions. This site is about Bills fans, not me shouting from a podium on high, willing you to believe all of my usual spoutings. So keep making your voices heard - you can start by voting in the poll to your right on the Bills' battle at right guard.

Speaking of battles, we're taking a day's reprieve on our Training Camp Battles series tomorrow for another fun-filled day of Around the AFC East. Please, everyone - let's make tomorrow's version a fun one. I want to see lots of Fish, Pats and Jets bashing tomorrow. That's what this feature is all about.

Love this quote from OL coach Jim McNally on the one and only Jason Peters that appeared in Chris Brown's blog:

"He used his hands much better late in the season (last year)," said McNally. "Earlier this past year when he was pass blocking he didn't know how to use his hands, but now he is punching people. As the season progressed we started changing some of his angles and some of his options. Instead of taking the same angle on pass protection, he might go out and jump the defensive end and take him on quicker. He might take a deeper pass set so he now has more things in his repertoire."

Wait... our best offensive lineman with another year's experience and a diversified repertoire of kicking defenders' collective rumps? Count me amongst those of you who are ecstatic about this kid's prospects. Couple him with Dockery... the potential is astronomical. I absolutely love the left side of our line.

Speaking of Chris Brown, he feels that Jason Webster will start at RCB. Smart man, considering that we as a community here at Rumblings hold the same general opinion. And let's face it - anyone who agrees with the Rumblings community is awesome. Brownie just had the advantage of being awesome before he confirmed our intelligence.

I know I promised to never bring it up again here, but alas, I'm not always true to my word. I won't write another article on soon-to-be-ex-Falcons QB Michael Vick (that's me speculating, of course) - this article was enough. I just thought I would point out that due to the impact of this story, I would suggest broadening your Vick coverage by heading over to The Falcoholic. If you can stand to read any more about this farce of a football player, Dave the Falconer has had some pretty spectacular coverage on the entire situation - better, in fact, than most other "mainstream" news sources out there. Why? Because he's spot on, o'course. Here's a list of his articles for your skimming pleasure:

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