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Around the AFC East, Pt. IV - The Recap

You know what? Sometimes, bashing your opponents is more fun than talking about the Bills. Seriously. We analyze this team and pick it apart often enough that this little Around the AFC East venture is essentially our version of hitting the bars (taking proper precautions when drinking, of course). Smack talk is great for the soul. With that in mind, let's take a look at what has happened around the rest of the fantastic AFC East blogs this fine Friday:

Over at The Phinsider:

Matty I thinks I'm crazy for calling Dockery's $49 million a bargain
Tommasse is bored with the Pats. That's right. Bored as in comfortable. Stupid Pats and their winning. Jerks.
Jetfighter disses Dolphin corners, then pimps the Jets'. Are you confused as Matty I? I might be too.

Over at Pats Pulpit:

I work with computers. Thus, this year's rebuilding is Rebuilding Version 3.1
Tommasse asks for one factor to give Fish fans comfort. Matty I asks for several. Ha, Dolphins suck.
Jetfighter says less than a playoff win = non-successful season. Get ready for a letdown in the Meadowlands.

Over at NY Landing Strip:

I make a bold statement: Robert Royal is our starting tight end. OK, maybe not so bold.
Matty I is worried about left guard. Feast on, Larry Tripplett!
Who replaces Asante Samuel? A smorgasbord of mediocrity, says Tommasse. (Or maybe that was me.)

Boy, that was fun. We should do it again next week! That's the plan, as always - if you'd like to participate in the heated debate, be sure to send your foe-related questions to These guys would love to answer your questions, and I'd love to ask them.

Coming Tomorrow: We're back on track with our Training Camp Battles. If you haven't done so yet, make sure to vote in the poll to the right on who you think our starting right guard will be this season!