Marshawn Lynch

Rumor around Buffalo is that a certain recent Buffalo Bills Draft pick, for privacy's sake let's call him Marshawn L.- no, that's too obvious... let's say M. Lynch- has already, before he has even spent a large amount of time in this new city, been barred for life from a popular downtown bar.

The reason for the banning is because Mr. Lynch, allegedly, brought in his own alcohol.  Now this doesn't seem like a major offense, but weird situations like this keep coming up in Marshawn's life.  I don't think Marshawn is anything like a Michael Vick or Pacman Jones... but I'm not exactly sure he isn't, either.

-The unmistakable man with the shiny teeth and the big dreads was apparently mistaken as somebody else when he was shot at last year while attending his sister's high school graduation.  A person even called his mother 20 minutes after the shooting to tell her it wasn't meant for her son.  How a person with this knowledge, if true, has Marshawn's mother's phone number, I don't know- but it isn't a good sign.

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